When beginning a course of psychotherapy with me, you can expect to be involved in a professional relationship based upon our collaboration that will allow me to experience your psychological and emotional world.   It is a relationship where you can expect to have my undivided attention to assist you in developing a greater understanding and respect for your thoughts and feelings, and to help you find ways to overcome the challenges you face in order to achieve emotional growth and well being.

During our meetings, I will ask that you talk as freely as you can about any of the problems that may be affecting you at the time of our session.  If there are no difficulties that you are aware of at that particular moment, I will expect you to talk as freely as you can about everything that is on your mind.  This includes thoughts, feelings, memories, perceptions, dreams, and questions.  The more open and honest you can be and communicate fully whatever is on your mind, the better.  When you speak freely about whatever it is that comes to your mind, the important issues that relate to your difficulties tend to emerge naturally.  My task will be to try to assist you to gain understanding of what is unknown to you.  The way that I do this is by listening closely to your efforts to explain to me everything that you do know and are aware of about yourself and your experiences.

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